A new Devonian euthycarcinoid reveals the use of different respiratory strategies during the marine-to-terrestrial transition in the myriapod lineage

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:P. Gueriau, Lamsdell, J. C., Wogelius, R. A., Manning, P. L., Egerton, V. M., Bergmann, U., Bertrand, L., Denayer, J.
Journal:Royal Society Open Science
Date Published:21/10/2020
Keywords:air-breathing, fossil arthropods, synchrotron radiation, Terrestrialization, X-ray fluorescence imaging, X-ray spectroscopy

Myriapods were, together with arachnids, the earliest animals to occupy terrestrial ecosystems, by at least the Silurian. The origin of myriapods and their land colonization have long remained puzzling until euthycarcinoids, an extinct group of aquatic arthropods considered amphibious, were shown to be stem-group myriapods, extending the lineage to the Cambrian and evidencing a marine-to-terrestrial transition. Although possible respiratory structures comparable to the air-breathing tracheal system of myriapods are visible in several euthycarcinoids, little is known about the mechanism by which they respired. Here, we describe a new euthycarcinoid from Upper Devonian alluvio-lagoonal deposits of Belgium. Synchrotron-based elemental X-ray analyses were used to extract all available information from the only known specimen. Sulfur X-ray fluorescence (XRF) mapping and spectroscopy unveil sulfate evaporation stains, spread over the entire slab, suggestive of a very shallow-water to the terrestrial environment prior to burial consistent with an amphibious lifestyle. Trace metal XRF mapping reveals a pair of ventral spherical cavities or chambers on the second post-abdominal segment that do not compare to any known feature in aquatic arthropods, but might well play a part in air-breathing. Our data provide additional support for amphibious lifestyle in euthycarcinoids and show that different respiratory strategies were used during the marine-to-terrestrial transition in the myriapod lineage.

Short Title:R. Soc. open sci.
Citation Key:420
Refereed Designation:Refereed
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