Gueriau et al. 2020. A new Devonian euthycarcinoid - Figure 1.jpg

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Gueriau et al. (2020). Figure 1. Geological and stratigraphical settings of the Pont de Bonne locality, Liège Province, Belgium. Geological map after [34], grey areas represent the Famennian outcrop zones. Famennian lithostratigraphic succession of the Hoyoux valley after [35] with localization of the fossiliferous horizon. Legend: 1, alluvial and alluvio-lagoonal facies; 2, back barrier to lagoonal facies; 3, tidal flat and barrier complex facies; 4, proximal subtidal facies; 5, open-marine subtidal facies. Abbreviations: Anticl., Anticline; Carb., Carboniferous; CLP, Comblain-au-Pont Formation; Fras., Frasnian; Has., Hastière Formation; Lithostr., Lithostratigraphic units; low., lower; mid., middle; Parauto., Parautochton; SVP, Souverain-Pré Formation; Syncl., Syncline; Tour., Tournaisian; up., upper; upm., upermost.

Julien Denayer
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