Druhová rozmanitost českých mnohonožek v historickém kontextu (Species diversity of the Czech millipedes in the historical context)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:P. Kocourek
Journal:Myriapodologica Czecho-Slovaca
Start Page:59
Date Published:12/2001
Keywords:Diplopoda, historical view, millipedes

The first reviews of millipedes in Bohemia and Moravia were published by Rosický (1786) and Vališ (1904), respectively. Rosický (1876) presented 19 species from Bohemia and Vališ (1904) described 28 species from Moravia. Lang (1954) published the survey of 52 species of Czech millipedes in his monograph. Gulička (1985) considered about a high probability of misidentification of the basis for several species in Lang's monograph. Unfortunately, Lang's collections were destroyed after his death in 1972. Gulička (1985) reviewed in his survey 64 species for the Czech Republic. lt is possible that several species of millipedes could be concealed among several very similar species. Natural spreading as well as introduction of millipedes species caused by human activities must be taken in consideration. The current list of millipedes can be still larger due to the continuing intense faunistic research in our country.

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