Several new species of millipedes (Diplopoda) from the Czech Republic

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:P. Kocourek
Journal:Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae
Start Page:81
Date Published:07/2001
Keywords:check-list, Diplopoda, distribution, ecology, millipedes, Palaearctic region

There are 72 species and 7 subspecies of Diplopoda currently known from the Czech Republic. Seven of these species are recorded for the first time from the Czech Republic based on the author's own field studies and collections: Haplogona oculodistincta (Verhoeff, 1893), Craspedosoma alemannicum Verhoeff, 1910, Melogona gallica (Latzel, 1884), Melogona broelemanni (Verhoeff, 1897), Cylindroiulus parisiorum (Broelemann et Verhoeff, 1896), Rossiulus vilnensis (Jawlowski, 1925) and Polydesmus angustus Latzel, 1884.

Citation Key:983
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