Mnohonožky (Myriapoda: Diplopoda) Prahy. Millipedes (Myriapoda: Diplopoda) of Prague (Central Bohemia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:P. Kocourek
Journal:Natura Pragensis
Start Page:3
Date Published:12/2013
ISBN Number:978-80-87457-48-1
Keywords:Czech Republic, Diplopoda, diversity, Prague, synantropic species

In 1997–2005, millipede fauna was studied in the Czech Republic's capital, Prague. In Prague there are natural, semi-natural and man-made (artificial) habitats. Special attention was paid to forests, a forest steppe, a rock steppe, rock debris, river surface, parks, greenhouses, a garden centre, game parks, seedbeds and city greenery. At present, 51 species of millipedes occur there. Therefore, the Czech Republic's capital is the area with the highest number of millipedes in the country. For example, the Křivoklátsko PLA and BR, a comparable natural area rich in millipede species currently harbours 44 species of millipedes. A total number of millipede species in the Czech Republic is 76. Thus, 67% of millipede species that were found in the Czech Republic inhabit Prague. During the research, 20 millipedes species new for Prague area were found, particularly those prefering man-made habitats. The species richness of introduced millipedes species in Prague is the highest among all of the areas having been studied in this respect in the Czech Republic. The millipede species rich site in Prague is the Zoological Garden in Troja, harbouring 26 species. The most common millipede species in Prague include Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus, Ophyiulus pilosus, Julus scandinavius, Choneiulus palmatus, Blaniulus guttulatus and Cylindroiulus britannicus. On the other hand, the rare relic species that has been found in Prague are: Trachysphaera costata, Mastigophorophyllon saxonicum, Haploporatia eremita, Cylindroiulus luridus, Cylindroiulus arborum and Polydesmus germanicus. For the Czech Republic, rare synantropis species found in Prague are: Cylindroiulus vulnerarius, Cylindroiulus punctatus and Amphitomeus attemsi. The East European species Polyzonium germanicum and Rossiulus vilnensis reach its regional distribution limit in Prague. The four millipede species occurring in Prague, namely Trachysphaera costata, Cylindroiulus luridus, Polydesmus germanicus and Rossiulus vilnensis are included in the Red List of threatened invertebrate species in the Czech Republic.

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