Mnohonožky Dolního Posázaví [Millipedes of the Lower Posázaví]

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1973
Authors:P. Kocourek
Journal:Sborník vlastivědných prací z Podblanicka
Start Page:78
Date Published:12/1973
Keywords:Central Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, faunistical data, Lower Posázaví, millipedes

At this work there are given 34 species of millipeds that were found in the district Benešov u Prahy in the area Dolní Posázaví and in the nearest surroundings. From these 34 species there are 14 ones shown on the picture-tables n. l–V. ln this survey there are included the foundlings given by Lang (1953–1967) and my own collections (1970–1973).
The species Haploporatia eremita (Verhoeff) was found for the first time for ČSR. It is the infiltrating Alpine form. Other localities in ČSSR – Malé Karpaty (1956) – (Gulička). The species Microchordeuma voigti (Verhoeff) is the new species for the Czech areas. Other localities – Česká Třebová (1955) – (Folkmanová). The species Polydesmus coriaceus (Porat) var. inconstans (Attems) has in Týnec n. S. the Southern limit of its extension in ČSR. Other localities – Praha (1953, 1968), Kyje u Prahy (1957), Dolní Měcholupy (1968) – (Lang, Homoláč, Kocourek).

Citation Key:981
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