Mnohonožky (Diplopoda) chráněné krajinné oblasti Český kras. Millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Karst

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:P. Kocourek
Journal:Fragmenta Ioannea Collecta, Zoologica
Start Page:5

There are 35 species of millipedes currently known in the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Karst. Very rich communities of millipedes were found in biotopes Na Mramoru in Svatý Jan pod Skalou in National Nature Reserve Karlštejn, in Císařská rokle, a part of National Nature Reserve Koda and in Černá rokle, within National Nature Monument Kosoř. The rarest species of millipedes are: Trachysphaera costataMastigophorophyllon saxonicumCylindroiulus luridus and Polydesmus testaceus. The typical species of millipedes in Bohemian Karst are for example Glomeris hexastichaHaploporatia eremitaOphyiulus pilosus and Ommatoiulus sabulosus. In the historical context 28 species of millipedes including 4 species with a probable misidentification were known in the area of Bohemian Karst before 1965.
Proposed Czech zoological names for millipedes are useful for popularizing of science and education.

Short Title:Mnohonožky Českého krasu
Citation Key:995
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