Checklist of the centipedes (Chilopoda) of Hispaniola

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:C. A. Martínez-Muñoz, Perez-Gelabert D. E.
Journal:Novitates Caribaea
Start Page:74
Keywords:centipedes, Chilobase, Chilopoda, Dominican Republic, EoL, fauna, Haiti, Hispaniola, ITIS, MCZbase, MyriaLit

Ten years have passed since the last checklist of Hispaniolan Chilopoda was done and the last bibliographic compendium was published. In this work we expand the former list of species and bibliography, update the taxonomic classification and provide an assessment on Chilobase records. A new intensive literature review was performed and both recent and formerly overlooked myriapodological works were included. The treatment of supraspecific taxonomic ranks was updated and follows Chilobase 2.0. This catalogue lists 4 fossil taxa as well as 24 extant species of centipedes from Hispaniola, 9 of which are endemic. For each extant species considered, there is information on Hispaniolan synonymies and geographic distribution. Included are some clarifications on synonymies and locality problems, and species with uncertain taxonomic status are indicated. Chilobase 2.0 was tested for completeness and accuracy. We propose several updates, grouped by incorrect species records, records not backed by known literature and species not under their currently accepted synonym. We also recommend chilopodologists to maintain active collaboration and send their updates to this useful database.

Citation Key:3
Taxonomic name: 
Chilopoda (Myriatrix), Notostigmophora (Myriatrix), Scutigeromorpha (Myriatrix), Scutigeridae (Myriatrix), Dendrothereua (Myriatrix), Dendrothereua linceci (Myriatrix), Scutigera (Myriatrix), Scutigera coleoptrata (Myriatrix), Scutigera forceps (Myriatrix), Pselliodidae (Myriatrix), Sphendononema (Myriatrix), Pselliophora (Myriatrix), Pselliodes (Myriatrix), Sphendononema guildingii (Myriatrix), Pselliophora pulchritarsis (Myriatrix), Pselliophora haitiensis (Myriatrix), Pleurostigmophora (Myriatrix), Lithobiomorpha (Myriatrix), Lamyctes Lamyctes nesiotes (Myriatrix), Lamyctes Lamyctes coeculus (Myriatrix), Lamyctes fulvicornis (Myriatrix), Lamyctes Lamyctes emarginatus (Myriatrix), Scolopendromorpha (Myriatrix), Scolopendridae (Myriatrix), Scolopendrinae (Myriatrix), Scolopendra (Myriatrix), Scolopendra morsitans (Myriatrix), Scolopendra platypus (Myriatrix), Scolopendra alternans (Myriatrix), Scolopendra sagraea (Myriatrix), Scolopendra crudelis (Myriatrix), Scolopendra subspinipes (Myriatrix), Scolopendra gigantea (Myriatrix), Cormocephalus (Myriatrix), Cupipes (Myriatrix), Cormocephalus guildingii (Myriatrix), Cormocephalus impressus (Myriatrix), Cormocephalus ungulatus (Myriatrix), Otostigminae (Myriatrix), Otostigmus (Myriatrix), Rhysida (Myriatrix), Rhysida celeris (Myriatrix), Rhysida longipes longipes (Myriatrix), Rhysida nuda (Myriatrix), Cryptopidae (Myriatrix), Cryptops (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptopidae (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptopinae (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptops (Myriatrix), Otocryptops (Myriatrix), Dinocryptops (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptops melanostoma (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptops ferrugineus ferrugineus (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptops mexicana (Myriatrix), Scolopocryptops miersii (Myriatrix), Newportiinae (Myriatrix), Newportia (Myriatrix), Newportia longitarsis (Myriatrix), Newportia longitarsis stechowi (Myriatrix), Newportia cubana (Myriatrix), Newportia inexpectata (Myriatrix), Newportia longitarsis virginensis (Myriatrix), Newportia cubana virginensis (Myriatrix), Newportia ernsti ernsti (Myriatrix), Geophilomorpha (Myriatrix), Geophilidae (Myriatrix), Nesidiphilus (Myriatrix), Nesidiphilus juvenis (Myriatrix), Polycricus (Myriatrix), Lestophilus (Myriatrix), Polycricus haitiensis (Myriatrix), Polycricus nesiotes (Myriatrix), Telocricus (Myriatrix), Telocricus multipes (Myriatrix), Mecistocephalidae (Myriatrix), Mecistocephalus (Myriatrix), Mecistocephalus guildingii (Myriatrix), Oryidae (Myriatrix), Titanophilus (Myriatrix), Titanophilus maximus (Myriatrix), Titanophilus fratrellus (Myriatrix), Schendylidae (Myriatrix), Ctenophilus (Myriatrix), Pleuroschendyla (Myriatrix), Ctenophilus nesiotes (Myriatrix), Paracryptops inexpectus (Myriatrix), Piestophilus tenuitarsis (Myriatrix), Newportia leptotarsis (Myriatrix), Notiphilides maximiliani (Myriatrix)
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